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De Klootviolen & Zirkum @ De Klootviolen Show Episode 002


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Goedemiddag stelletje Klootviolen! We zijn terug met een nieuwe episode van The Klootviolen Show! Deze keer hebben we een guestmix van Zirkum. Ga snel naar onze SoundCloud om deze te checken!


Hello you bunch of Klootviolen! We're back with De Klootviolen Show, Episode 002. Head to our Soundcloud to check out the podcast, which has a guest mix by Zirkum! Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Soundcloud to stay up to date with our music!

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  Tracklist Guest DJ - Zirkum
1. Audiofreq & Messinian - Rampage
2. Phuture Noize - Space Travel
3. Phrantic - Road Warrior
4. Zany Meets The Beholder - Annihilating
5. Chris One - Fuck Society
6. Freakshow - Disco Inferno
7. Main Concern & Zirkum ft. Yuna-X - Voyager 2
8. Delete - Eden
9. Vazard & Delete vs Main Concern - Absolute Terror
10. Digital Punk And Profyler - Dark Symphony
  Tracklist De Klootviolen
11. B-Front & Phuture Noize - The Paradox
12. Prefix & Density ft. The Vision - Feel It
13. The Machine - Place of Terror
14. Activator - Cobra (Unresolved Remix)
15. High Voltage - Enemies
16. Splinta & Sick Sense - Half Blood
17. Vyral - Gripless
18. Shellshock - Do The Math (Delete Remix)
19. Thera - Stash
20. Noisia - Stigma (Neosignal Remix) (Outside The Box TOTM)

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