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De Klootviolen & The Fallen @ De Klootviolen Show Episode 001

Hardstyle   Raw hardstyle

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Goedemiddag stelletje Klootviolen! De eerste episode van De Klootviolen show is eindelijk online. Ga snel naar onze Soundcloud om de eerste episode (met een guest mix van The Fallen) te checken!


Hello you bunch of Klootviolen! Let us introduce ourselves. We are De Klootviolen and we're starting up our new monthly podcast called The Klootviolen Show. If you're into raw hardstyle (older and new), this podcast is perfect for you. Head to our Soundcloud to check out the podcast, which has a guest mix by The Fallen! Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Soundcloud to stay up to date with our music!

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  Tracklist Guest DJ - The Fallen
1. Reverser & Ripcord - They All Die
2. The Machine - Audiobot
3. Artifact - Now We're Talking
4. The Fallen - Dead Wrong
5. The Fallen - Loudness DJ Tool
6. Vyral - Oblivion
7. The Wicked - Heartless
8. Vazard - Fall
9. Vazard & Delete - Exist
10. Delete - Genocide
  Tracklist De Klootviolen
11. Degos & Re-Done - This Mind
12. The Beholder & Digital Punk - A Dark Tomorrow
13. Chris One - Ready 2 Die
14. Catatonic Overload - The Sexual Thrill
15. Sasha F & Chris One - Drop 2 Your Knees
16. Warface & Delete - The Truth
17. Rooler - Martyr
18. Mind Dimension - What
19. Human Resource - Dominator (Embrionyc Remix) (Cut, OTBT)

Roybrussel -
Wow, die The Fallen guy is egt goet!
Snoeieng -
Klinkt wel macho