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De Klootviolen & Demotion @ De Klootviolen Show Episode 003


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Goedemiddag stel Klootviolen! We zijn weer terug met een nieuwe episode van De Klootviolen Show! Deze keer hebben we een guestmix van de enige echte Feest DJ Denise, oftwel Demotion! Check snel onze Soundcloud!


Hello you bunch of Klootviolen! We're back with The Klootviolen Show, episode 003, featuring a guestmix by Feest DJ Denise, also known as Demotion!

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  Tracklist Guest DJ - Demotion
1. Stana - Chaos
2. Zany - Pure (Brennan Heart Remix)
3. Chris One - Scum
4. DJ Thera ft. Yuna-X - It's A Fine Day
5. Carnifex meets Rephex - Undertaker
6. Sasha F & Rooler - Number 23 (Rooler's Ground Zero Edit)
7. Warface & Sasha F ft. Delete - Bring Them The Raw Formula (Main Concern Mash-Up)
8. D-Verze & Mind Dimension - Deep Blue
9. Lunatic - Gravity
10. N-Vitral & Ophidian - Chaos (Wavolizer Remix)
  Tracklist De Klootviolen
11. Vazard - Zimmersion 2.0
12. Vyral - Symbiote
13. Sasha F - The Killing
14. Phuture Noize - Militia
15. Regain - The Greatest Show
16. Delete - Munky Shit
17. Main Concern - End of Days
18. Nosferatu - Outshine Any Competition
19. Wavolizer & Dither - Time Bomb

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grrraaaaa -
aah, 'outside any competition'... it's been so long i haven't heard this track, I completely forgot about it!!

Cheers  :)