LSDB profile: PatrickG88
Gender: Male
Facebook: patrickg88.theblackbox
Soundcloud: patrick88

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Native of / and living in the north-east side of France. Passion for the Electronic music since 1995 (mainly styles about Goa Trance, Psytrance, IDM, Electro Breaks, Acid, Techno, Schranz, Industrial Hardcore, Darkcore, Breakcore, Power Electronics…) and later to the darker side of Electronic music (Dark Psytrance, Power Noise, Darkstep, Doomcore, Occult, Dark & Industrial Ambient, Witch House). Since 2010 under my PatrickG88 pseudonym, I did and make several mixtapes on the net, representing and supporting my favorite styles (with some for radio podcasts) as just amateur dj, and in parallel set editor for Liveset Database website. Tʜᴇ Bʟᴀᴄᴋ Bᴏx is a blog I created in november 2012, in order to promote the dj-sets and album releases that I find on the net, about the various darker styles of the Electronic music. Εqually, I created a group of the same name on Soundcloud in the same principle, where users can join and post their cloudcasts about dark Electronic music styles. From the middle of 2014 and over, I prefer to stop the mixtapes and reserve me to make and send some dj-mixes only for radio podcasts (if the opportunity arises) and of course to devote me always and more for my blog, which I think is an other and maybe a better way to support music, with also not forgetting LSDB‼ To consult all uploads I made for LSDB, check out my account at