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PatrickG88 @ Authority Of The Satanic Machines

Ambient   Intelligent Dance Music   Breakcore

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Dark Experimental styles, for my first mix of 2012!
...with tendencies:
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01. Monolake - Watching Clouds [Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music]
02. Mandark - The Dead Pubs Of Parramatta Rd [Night Terror Recordings]
03. Mulholl▲nd Drive - Burst Into Fire And The Angels Wouldn’t Help You [Phantasma Disques]
04. Mothball Z - Look Inside The Box [Night Terror Recordings]
05. Carla Elves - Ceremony [Uncivilized World]
06. Kim Cascone and The Ceremonial Dagger - Through The Darkness [Phantasma Disques]
07. Ghostrider - Traces To Nowhere [Phantasma Disques]
08. SAM - Interoception [Pro Noize]
09. Aphex Twin - Icct Hedral (edit) [Warp Records]
10. Combichrist - Below [Out Of Line]
11. ▲NGST - ▲NGST [Orange Socks]
12. Dark Frequencer - When Mermaids Cry [Night Terror Recordings]
13. Dark Frequencer - Dark Moon (Transformation) [Night Terror Recordings]
14. Ybrid - Virga [Xunk]
15. Dark Frequencer - Cathys Curse [Night Terror Recordings]
16. Mothball Z - The Minds Eye [Night Terror Recordings]
17. Dark Frequencer - Transplant My Head [SmokeSkull Records]
18. Drone-Z & Miss Chaotik feat. Front Sonore - Rêve Mechanic [Night Terror Recordings]
19. Drone-Z & Miss Chaotik feat. Dissident - Apocapyleptic [Night Terror Recordings]
20. Dimentia - Monad [Katabatik]
21. Terminal 11 - Heather In Japan (Xanopticon remix) [Pthalo]
22. Combichrist - The Undertaker [Out Of Line]
23. Dimentia - Yogsothoth [Katabatik]
24. Defexer - Figure 8 [Night Terror Recordings]
25. Dark Frequencer - Dead Rize [SmokeSkull Records]
26. Le Diktat - Eviction [Kubernoise]
27. Dimentia - Tentacle Dreams [Katabatik]
28. Somatic Responses - Umbrella [Hymen Records]
29. Somatic Responses - Svimma [Hymen Records]
30. Minion - Rolling Back Culture [Darkmatter Soundsystem]
31. Poxxe - Yellular [Darkmatter Soundsystem]
32. Data Shit - The Ghost Of My Girlfriend’s House [Night Terror Recordings]
33. Sulphuric Saliva - Inner Violence Apology [Uncivilized World]
34. Sulphuric Saliva - Burning Up [Gazole Records]
35. Somatic Responses - Wherever [Hymen Records]

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