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Audioholik @ SHOWTEK classics showcase vol.1 (2003-2006)

Early Hardstyle

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Finally managed to finish a new showcase! This time it's about the Dutch hero's SHOWTEK! Nowadays the brothers are far away from producing hardstyle, but back in the days they're always pioneering and leading the way!

For this showcase I picked tracks from 2003 till 2006. The sweet spot for me. The golden years, haha!  ;)

Also, I left out a great amount of cool tracks which I will showcase in the near future. One about the real early stuff, and one more nustylish.

For now please enjoy this mix!

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1. Headliner - Speaka (Duro Remix)
2. Showtek - Down With This
3. Dutch Masters - 2 The Dance (Duro Remix)
4. Showtek vs Gizmo - Bangin'
5. Deepack vs Showtek - Rockin' Steady
6. Duro - Psycho
7. Hardheadz - Wreck This Place (Showtek Remix)
8. Dutch Masters - Rock Beat
9. Headliner - B.O.D.Y.P.U.M.P. (Showtek Remix)
10. Showtek vs Gizmo - 3 The Hard Way
11. Dutch Master - Insomnia
12. Showtek - Colours Of The Harder Styles
13. Methods Of Mayhem - F.Y.U. (Showtek Remix)
14. Zany vs Duro - Our Power
15. Lowriders - Don't Get Back
16. Dutch Master - Get Up
17. Duro - D-Sucka
18. Showtek - Braincrackin'
19. Zany vs Duro - Dissin'

Mike_L-84 -
Magnifique! Nice on the monday morning during work. Whoop whoop!
Audioholik -
Haha, nice to be listening to some early hs on the job  :thumbsup2:
Seizure -
Early&Dark Hardstyle/Core/Trance
You can never go wrong with early Showtek, once again thanks for this, brought many memories with these tracks  :bomb:
Audioholik -
Glad you liked it!  :thumbsup2: