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Audioholik @ Classics Showcase Vol. 2 (2006-2011) Tuneboy

Hardstyle   Classic hardstyle

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Hi everybody, time for a new showcase! I think most of you know Tuneboy. This alias has been around since before the millenium and still going strong. Antonio Donà, one of the SAIFAM group masterminds is behind this project. And what numerous bangers he produced the last two decades! His discography and aliases go on and on, haha!

Nowadays he is often performing with his mate and equal legend, Technoboy, under alias TNT.

This showcase focuses on the years 2006-2011.

All out of talk now, please take a listen and let me know if you liked it! Thanks!

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1. Tuneboy - Hear This
2. Tuneboy - Tunebeat
3. Tuneboy - Just A Detail
4. TNT - Double Dutch Darkies
5. TNT - Yeah!
6. Tuneboy - Eins Zwei Telefunken
7. Tuneboy - Re-Generate It (Different Edit)
8. Tuneboy - I Will Growl
9. Hunter - Sweetie (Tuneboy Remix)
10. TNT - Tritolo (Yellow Compound Mix)
11. TNT - Tuneboy - Overkill (Dub)
12. TNT - Dial T For TNT
13. Tuneboy ft. Stephanie - Music Is

Mike_L-84 -
Here we go again. The last monday before my holiday starts. Nice mix to celebrate! Great job again!
Audioholik -
 :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup2:
Seizure -
Early&Dark Hardstyle/Core/Trance
TNT - Double Dutch Darkies one of my all-time favorites
Audioholik -
@seizure: weird vocals, great track!