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DVS NME @ Lepton Podcast 005


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Length: 00:58:12

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DVS NME is an Electro music producer/deejay and Post Punk enthusiast living in Colorado. He runs a daily blog called 'Dark Science Electro' which features news, guest mixes, upcoming shows, premieres as well as a weekly radio show on Intergalactic fm.

The weekly show has aired since 2010 and it currently broadcasts on Intergalactic FM, every Friday at 20:00 GMT.

With production techniques ranging from video games to sequencers, from MPC's to software and spanning a multitude of genres, he has collaborated with the likes of Franck Kartell, Das Muster, MetaComplex, koova, Faceless mind, Kormarken Electronics and more. He is an artist representing Transient Force, Solar One Music, Fundamental Records, Blind Allies, Pulse Drift Recordings, Ukonx Recordings and more.

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1. Kavinsky - Nightdrive (Arpanet Rework)
2. Das Muster - Horizontale Drehung
3. Kan3da - Cygnet
4. MetaComplex - Digital Reflection
5. Alden Tyrell - Disco Lunar Module
6. Vessel in Distress - Electric Sunrise
7. PQ17 - Black Birds
8. Ultradyne - Suicide Relay
9. I-F - Disko Slique
10. Datentraeger - Ready To Rule
11. Commuter - No Heat
12. DVS NME - Departure