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Gamadon @ Lepton Podcast 004


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GAMADON (aka GAvin MAc DONagh) started buying records and DJing in Dublin in 1996. His career has spanned across the globe from his first gigs in his hometown of Mullingar in 1997 to playing in Canada, Bermuda, Germany, Czech Republic, Luxembourg and beyond. He has held residencies in some of Dublins most prominent nightclubs since the 90’s. Playing with the likes of 808 State, Sunil Sharpe, Fran Hartnett, DeFekt and finishing off Scrobarnach
MainStage B2B with Jamie Behan it’s fair to say Gamadon has an extensive music career at a higher quality than standard. He is currently working on his first pressing for his new record label Warehouse Manifesto which he hopes will be out in the new year. We are delighted to present this outstanding mix to you all. Enjoy!

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1. Vectorvision - Vortex Unknown
2. Christian Smith & Wehbba - Living In A Vacuum (Zeta Reticula Remix)
3. The Ghost That Walks - Nightdrive Detroit
4. Lewski - Folkloric Human
5. The Clone Machine - Clone Machine (DXR Instrumental Mix)
6. Alden Tyrell - Obsession BTZ
7. Assembler Code - Hal's Machine Tool
8. Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor - HRL6
9. Mesak - Kiskoa (DJ Overdose Rotterhague Remix)
10. Kissel Vale - Stroke
11. Larry McCormick - Show The Way
12. RXmode - Degraded (W1b0's Violation in G Minor)
13. Subtotal - Engine
14. Dave Berg - Who's In Control (Infiniti Remix)
15. Industrial Bass Machine - The Voice Of World Control
16. Delta Functionen - Hacking The Cosmos
17. Maelstrom - Confidential
18. Nite Fleit - Little Friend
19. Maelstrom - Smoker
20. ID (??? - White Label)
21. Motion Unit ft. Garp - Copper
22. James Wolfe & David Noller - Enter The Game
23. Mental Blox - Bass Synthesizer (Subtotal Remix)
24. Dez Williams - Hexciya
25. Industrial Bass Machine - Devastate The Planet