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Vinyl Vinnie @ OOS Radio 031 [Techno Tuesday]

Early Hardcore

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1. E-rick & Tactic - Meet Her At The Thunderdome (Intro Mix)
2. Boombastic - Leaders Of The New School
3. The Dark Raver & DJ Vince - Intelligent Hardcore
4. Black Knight - Back To Tha "O" School
5. DJ Casketcrusher - Jealous M.F.
6. Don Diablo - The Beginning
7. Rotterdam Terror Corps - Sick & Twisted
8. Shadowlands Terrorists - Invasion Of The World (Part 1 "We Are Not Alone In This Universe")
9. Dr. Macabre - Danse Macabre
10. French Connection - French Connection
11. NIP Collective - Weekend Track
12. DJ Promo - Bring It Raw
13. Lenny Dee Vs. DJ Paul - Anti-Procastination
14. 3 Steps Ahead - In The Name Of Love
15. DJ Weirdo - One Tribes Jam (Promo Remix)