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LSDB profile: Vinyl_Vinnie
Gender: Male

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Born in 1977 Vinnie in Holland always had a passionate love for Electronic Music. Around the late 80’s and early 90’s a new movement came into play; House Music. Then Vinnie knew he had found his home. First exploring parties and when around 1992/1993 he started collecting vinyl, his Dj alias was given to him by a good friend. When performing he from then on used the name “Vinyl Vinnie”. When time went on, the mainstream Electronic Music genre was Gabber/Gabba. After doing some nationwide performances on parties and for New Dance Radio he got a permanent residency in the north of Holland. When the internet became more and more a thing he played for different internet radio stations. During the period 2005-2008 he was in the management of the first global Internet Dance Music TV station; ENTV. Besides performing he was recruiting new talent, responsible for takedown requests and made everything possible for the ENTV Top Tune. Music/TV/Events are part of his DNA. Most memorable moment; The night Ben Liebrand was playing in the club where I had my residency. The feeling that things had come full circle.