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D-Fuze @ Kick Therapy Podcast 010


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The 10th episode! Podcast mixed by Romanian artist called D-Fuze!
He creates a lot of very good mash-ups and more to discover about him from links!
SC :
MC :
Y2B :
MS :

Rated by: Heet Regain Dfuze


01.Katharsys - Psychosis [Disturbed]
02.Goldberg Variations - Shining Sleeve Of Wizar [FREE]
03.Katharsys - Erges [Danger Chamber]
04.Cooh & Lowroller - Decimate [Nekrolog1k]
05.C-netik - Bam Bam VIP [FREE]
06.Counterstrike & Katharsys - Into Illusion [Counterstrike Rec]
07.Lowroller - Mixbreed Slodier [Nekrolog1k]
08.Cooh - Pectus [L/B]
09.Limewax & Cooh - Gab5 [L/B]
10.Katharsys - Hell Of A Twist [Barcode]
11.Dub Elements - Escape [Algorythm]
12.Current Value - Precious [Barcode]
13.Current Value - Twisted VIP [Algorythm]
14.Switch Technique & Qmare - Liar [Union]
15.Mindustries - The Drumming [Third Movement]
15.Dub Elements & eRRe - Popim [Prspct]
16.Limewax & Dylan - Never Happening [Freak]
17.Katharsys - Saddiction [Danger Chamber]
18.Chrono - Smoke Haze [Megarave]