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Proton Kid @ Kick Therapy Podcast 009


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Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 00:42:07

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This one is held by Dj/Producer/Graph designer from Romania! Proton Kid delivers very powerful pack of Drum and Bass crossed with Crossbreed and lil bit Hardcore.
This podcast will consume you all trust me!
More to come and also More to find at our fan pages!

Rated by: Heet LeD Ivanow laralara skeez Mayer Regain


1.Nufojah - Artificial Organisms
2.Dean Rodell - Thought Machines
3.Current Value - Hydrolic
4.Thesys - Aftermath
5.Machine Code - Elephant
6.Current Value - Burn In
7.Proton Kid - No Sleep
8.The Hard Way - Devil Worshiping Motherfuckers
9.Goldberg Variations - Dorksided
10.Proton Kid & Infamous - Amazing Machine
11.Hallucinator - Kill Them All
12.Current Value & Looh - Quantum Petus
13.Gancher & Ruin & C.A.2K - Hardcore To Vagina
14.eRRe & HardLogic - Fuck U Bitch (C.A.2K Remix)
15.C-Netik - Bam Bam
16.Deathmachine - Genetix
17.Lowroller VS Angerfist - Pagans
18.Switch Technique & Deathmachine - Black Fire
19.Ak-Industry - Reloaded
20.Ak-Industry - Whitewalkers
21.Angerfist - Mafia