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Wavolizer @ Loudness

Hardstyle   Industrial Hardcore

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Length: 01:00:33

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Wavolizer @ Loudness december 2012

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1. DJ Thera - The Breaking Point
2. Wavolizer ft. Yuna-X - Retaliation
3. Hard'Onez - Weapons of Mass Distortion
4. Geck-o & Phrantic - The Hard Way
5. Vazard - Nothing (Wavolizer Remix)
6. Gangnam Style/Midnight "Too Easy To Be A DJ Tool"
7. Chris One - Revelations
8. The Outside Agency - The Wandering Mind
9. Donkey Rollers - Strike Again 2004
10. Wavolizer - Done
11. Mindustries - The Arrival
12. Wavolizer - Debt Of Blood
13. Wavolizer - The Chief
14. The Outside Agency - The Strangers
15. Wavolizer - Excitement Initiated
16. G-Shock - Demons (Promo Remix)
17. Wavolizer - Quietly
18. SPL - Lost Frequency
  Desolation (Incl. Landscapers - Battle AXE intro)
19. Tymon - Desolation
20. The Outside Agency, Peter Kurten & Katharsys - Favorite Sin
21. Deathmachine - From The DArkness
22. The Outside Agency - The Flux Capacitor
23. The Outside Agency - End Boss

Jacknife -
too bad the quality is kinda weird... this is an epic tracklist  :D
Wavolizer always never ceases to impress. Bring F.E.A.R.
Jipdenk -
Jezus wat een lijst..
Swampthing -
I can't even write, just listen!
This is good! Very good!
Arr -
Dit is dus echt:  :worship:  :L  :thumbsup2:  :w00t:  =D  :yay:  :thumbsup:  (L)  o_O
McBong [Set Editor] -
I want him back this year  :cry: