Shoutbox: [21:25] ProPodziemie: Hi, does anyone have any old sets or songs downloaded on disk? Under the pseudonym Danny Toples or for example Dimf3line, Projekt8, Projekt Podziemie, Sneellix, Static, Danny Bounce? Probably not many people, but if someone has it, please write me a private message, thanks in advance. ????

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1. Vazard & Delete - Let's Get Weird
2. Nutty T vs Vazard & Delete - The Reaper
3. DJ Thera ft. MC Nolz - Don't Back Down
4. Delete - Formula (2012 Edit)
5. Geck-o - Smasher (Delete Remix)
6. Main Concern - Last Resort
7. Vazard & Delete - Exist
8. Alpha Twins - The Dark Side (Darker Mix)
9. Delete - Advanced Technology (The Strangerz Remix)
10. Genox - Black Is...
11. The Prophet ft. Deepack - Stampuhh!! (Beholder & Max Enforcer Remix)
12. Bulldozer Project - Arise (The Beholder & DJ Zany Remix)
13. Prime Suspects - Biblical vs Enigmato - Insane MFKS (Prime Suspects Remix) (Mashup)
14. Dark Pact - Distorted Mind (Warface Remix)
15. Digital Punk - Creatures of the Dark Symphony (Delete's Mashup)
16. Sasha F - Hardstyle Matters (Delete Remix)
17. Delete - Syndrome
18. Vazard - Who I Really Am
19. DJ Rob - Party People
20. Zany Meets The Beholder - Who Wants This
21. Hardstyle Mafia - Raw Resistance vs Can't Get You Back (Mashup)
22. Vazard - Misbegotten
23. Solutio & The I's - 2.17
24. Titan - The Hour Of The Night
25. Delete - Proximity To Extinction
26. Catatonic Overload - Environment (Delete Remix)

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Not my Kind of hardstyle didn't like it
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Jezus wat een geweld  :worship:
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Mixcloud Link added. What a banger of a set! One of my favorite!