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Feedback / Podcast cleanup

ColdIce -

It looks like there is some confusion regards podcast organizations.. it's multiple shows, but I have one example here: Future of Hardstyle:

The problem: There is multiple livesets tagged as "Future of Hardstyle Episode 1". The reason for this is multiple radioshows took the same name at different point in time... so how to clean up?
First, move the Hard News version into: Hard News - The Future of Hardstyle
These episodes are from Hard News:

Then we also have episode #001 of the "Renewed version" of the Future of Hardstyle by Hard Station:

should this have it's own liveset? E.g Hard News- The Future of Hardstyle Rewned

There is one more show, Future of Hardstyle by "Charter":
Not even sure of this is on here yet.... but that one should maybe be tagged as "Future of Hardstyle Podcast by Charter"
Edited by ColdIce on 12-02-2021 15:59
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kalyl -
The renewed version of the "Future of Hardstyle" podcast by geometry dash Hard Station should have its own distinct category or label. You can create a separate tag or label for these episodes to distinguish them from the original series.
omerssanta⋆ -
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