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Ecstatic & D-Sturb @ The Future of Hardstyle #01


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Welcome to the renewed version of The Future of Hardstyle, the most important podcast for upcoming talent in the Hardstyle scene. From now on, every month Villain will present to you 2 amazing talents that need to be heard.

The euphoric part of the show is mixed by Ecstatic, a young duo from The Netherlands, newly signed on AVIO Records. Their music has already been featured in the XXlerator podcast and received great responses, so they deserve their spot in the spotlight.

D-Sturb is responsible for the raw part of the show. Also from The Netherlands, this man is already skyrocketing at the moment, as he performed at the HMH after winning the DJ contest for the Radical Redemption event. His new tracks are supported by many dj’s, so you will be hearing from him more in 2016!

Check out two interviews with this month’s talents at!

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  Worldwide Premiere
1. Ecstatic - Run Away
2. Notoriouz - Follow Your Heart
3. Ecstatic - Wonderful
4. Udex - Crazy
5. Ecstatic - Elevation
6. ID (Firehaze - ID)
7. Stephanie - Sicknite (Devin Wild Remix)
  Worldwide Premiere
8. Ecstatic & Aeros - Time To Dance
9. D-Sturb - Until It's Gone
10. Artifact - The End Of All
11. D-Sturb - Anxious
12. Sub Sonik - Go! (Welcome To My World)
13. D-Sturb & Luminite - Sound Of The Bassdrum
14. Primefire - DIE
15. Digital Mindz - I'm Your New God
16. X-Pander & Sub Zero Project - Hell on Earth
17. Rebelion - Represent
18. D-Sturb - Before The Start