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Technoboy ft. Shayla - Oh My God (Technoboy Dib Dub)

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Released in: 2008
Album: Oh My God [TTC 044]


Hey girl it's Shayla
Oh my God, have I got a story for you

I got a call from my agency and they asked me to play at this club
You are never gonna believe the shit that I had to go through

So anyway, I'm walking to the club
And as I approach this massive line up a front
I walk up to this big fat guy at the door and introduce myself
He was like "Look, stop wasting my time
And line up just like everybody else"
I was like "What?! I'm wasting your time?!

Motherfucker, you waste time [x21]

Oh my God [x3]

He turns around and point his fucking finger to the back of the line
Guess what, I had to line up for half a fucking hour

For half a fucking hour [x?]
Fucking Hour [x?]

Oh my God [x2]

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