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Embrionyc ft. Moleculez & Warchetype - Unauthorized

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Released in: 2012
Album: Another Sleepless Night [DD14024]


You understand what I'm about to do to you?
I'm in charge here, I-You're not!
He is and we need to do something about that

I cannot, I won't authorize him to continue
So let it happen without your authorization
Then you're covered, right?

I'm here because I wanna be here!
I let myself be caught, because I'm not a coward!
I chose to meet my oppressors, face to face!

This is not about me, this is about you
You have no authority here, none
There is but one authority and it is not you
You are a blight, you are a cancer
How does it feel?

You keep your mouth shut, you maniac
You're fucking evil

What in the world is this place?
It's called the record store
It's where insufferable people come to find obscure music no one likes
Where do they keep the mp3s?
Mp3s? LPs offer a full, warm sound you just can't get digitally

Hmm, take me back

Source: Lololyrics