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Skeeta - Domesticated Gangster

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Released in: 2011
Album: Skeeta Is Dead [Deathchant 59]


Now I'm gonna show you how to make one of the most effective breaks of all
This break is called &quot;the electro funk daddy superstar break&quot;
Now, for this you'll need a - that's an 808 clap
And also a bit of - that's a dry snare
Then you'll also need some - that's a 909 clap snare
And then of course some - that's the kick
And then the - that's some bass
And some - and - for good measure that's the synth
Oh, and no break of course would be complete without a bit of a shuffle

Perfect, absolutely perfect
Who would've though

Yeah, yeah

It's worth noting at this point, that some people like to put fish into the recipe at this stage
Don't do it

Source: Lololyrics