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SRB - Geile Booster

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Released in: 2012
Album: Solid Cervezas EP [TIT026]


Do you like it hard?
Do you like it fast?
I like it hard
And fast
-Here give me that whip, take this you dog

Everybody's geil, g-g-g-geil [2x]
Everybody's geil

Yes [?x]
Give it to me fast, I like it fast

Give it to me hard

Uh, me so horny, uh [?x]
Me love you long time
Uh, me so horny, uh [?x]


The disc jockey's geil, g-g-g-geil [2x]
I said the disc jockey's geil, g-g-g-geil
G-g-geil [2x]

Oh my god honey, this is so good

Wow, that really was great
When can we do this again?

Source: Lololyrics