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Sarin Assault - Undead II (Tymons Noise Of Thunder Remix)

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Released in: 2008
Album: Life In JaPain


I saw one of those things take 30 hits and keep on comin'.
The damn thing had to be dead but it kept on coming.
Till it took a hit in the head.
That brought it down.
The only way to stop em, you have to...
Hit 'em in the head.

But I sure as hell know that it ain't no chemical that I heard about to make a dead man walk.
This is something that nobody has ever heard about, and nobody has ever seen before.
This is hell on earth.
This is pure hell on earth.

This is pure hell on earth.

I'll take your questions.
Is it a virus?
We don't know.
How does it spread? Is it airborne?
Airborne is a possibility.
We don't know.
Is this an international health hazard, or a military concern?
Are these people alive or dead?
Hold 'em back!
We don't know.

The bodies of the recently dead are... returning to life.

Driven by an unknown force.

This is pure hell on earth.

Source: Lololyrics