Shoutbox: [27-06] pointlesspoint: Heeft iemand een idee of de track Count Negative & Mc Drokz - Death Of A Zombie ergens digitaal aangeboden wordt? Ik wil de track verwerken in een hardcore try-out mix. Drokz zelf antwoordt niet op Soundcloud etc.

Zanthrax - Children Of Hell (Re-Programmed By The Relic)

Track details

Released in: 2006
Album: Mind Battle Part 1 Vinyl [USR008]


You'll feel some pain
But I know you can hear me now
It's how us children of hell communicate

Your training
A creature far superior to humans


I'll be back for you baby
And when I come, you better be ready to rock and roll
This is the farewell bash for humanity
And you, you're bringing the party favors

Source: Lololyrics