Evil Activities - What's Inside Me? (Tha Playah Refix)

Track details

Released in: 1999
Album: Bang Bang Vinyl [NEO 003]


There is a monster in your chest
These guys hijacked your ship
And they sold your cryotube to this, human
And he put an alien inside of you, it's a really nasty one
And in a few hours it's gonna burst its way through your ribcage
And you're gonna die

Leave him
Fuck you, we're not leaving him here
He's got one inside him, I can smell it
Inside me?
Inside me? What's inside me?
Hey man, I don't want one of those things birthing anywhere near my ass
It's a bad risk
What's inside me?
We can't just leave him here
I thought you came here to stop them from spreading
What's inside me?
There's gotta be a process, can't you stop it?
We've got no time for that
I couldn't do it here, the lab's torn apart
What's inside me?
I could do him
Painless, back of the head
Might be the best way
What's inside me?
No, there's gotta be another way
If we freeze him...

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