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T-Junction ft. MC Syco - The Voice Of Power

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Released in: 2006
Album: Various - Masters Of Hardcore Chapter XXI - The Genesis Of The Hardcore Legacy [MOHCD2021]


D-d-d-d-d, the DJ, the the the the the breaker
The DJ, the rapper, the breaker, the smoker
You wanna smoke something?
Smoke this one!

The voice of power

One day, one day it will happen
And you will all stand amazed
And the motherfuckers who didn't believe me
Will be crushed in their fucking ways
And you, you will hear my voice
It's coming far from here
It's loud and stable
Full of power

I will be your head-spinner, fucking up your braincells
Fucking up your braincells
You wanna smoke something?
Smoke this one!

The mic is my gun, and the speakers are my bullets
Click-click booya, we always do this

Source: Lololyrics