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Angerfist - Vato

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Released in: 2004
Album: Raise Your Fist EP [MOH41]


Finally found something worse than me, huh?

- So here's the deal
You work without chains
Without bit and without shivs
You do what I say when I say it
- For what?
The honour of going back to some arsehole of a cell? Fuck you
- The truth is
Is I'm tired of chasing you
- Are you saying you'd cut me loose?
- I'm thinking you could have died in the crash
- My recommendation: do me
Don't take the chance that I'll get shiv-happy on your wanna-be ass
Ghost me, motherfucker
That's what I would do to you

I want you to remember this moment

Vato [?x]

Let go! [2x]

Vato [?x]

I want you to remember this moment

Vato [?x]

Chicano's not a colour, it's the way you think and the way you live
And if you're willing to give up your life for carnal

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