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Riot Squad - Gabberkeisen

Track details

Released in: 1993
Album: II [TG002]


Euhm, gabberkeisen 1-2-3
Remember me Rob Gee
Try some house, buh
Try some trance, buh-buh
Try some tribal, buh-buh-buh
Try some breakbeat, bwaah

This is gabberkeisen

Can you feel-feel it
Hohoho, I don't think so, [..]

Ha, Rob Gee says hé Repete, let's Puta!
Ha you think I'm tired?
Hey softies, you suck!
Rob Gee says peace to Dark Raver & Gizmo out Den Haag
DJ Paul & Mac De Hey in Rotterdam
And to all my gabber brothers everywhere

Source: Lololyrics