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Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson - Aural exciter (The Sect Remix)

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Released in: 1999
Album: Punish 4 [PUNISH 4]


This is Mistress Diana

You're lucky you're on time today, I hate to be kept waiting
When that happens I get very demanding from slaves like you
Hah, you are going to pay for it this time, I guarantee it

Hah, you must always address me as Mistress
Get right down on your knees, don't make me repeat myself
Now look at me from your subservient position
Aren't I exceptionally beautiful today?
I do love to tease you, and I have some very specific things that I want satisfied
Once you learn to be under my control

One thing I love to do is to bend over and pull down my panties
So you can catch a glimpse of my ripe, keen asshole, mmmm
Once I grip your sphincter muscles, you'll be in heaven
Oh yes, you'll lose control, if I let you
But you have to earn that treat, and do as I say

Hah, and I'm wearing a tight fitting silk red dress
That shows off my long thin legs
I love silk stockings and garterbelts
I think all good looking women should wear them, it makes their pussy breathe

My favorite bra is this uplifting see-through creation
That allows my nipples to poke through when they're aroused and, mmmm
Am I turned on by seeing you in such a subservient position?
My nipples are very erect

Well, now, I want you to get on your knees, and lick my red high heels
They're a little dirty and I want to see your tongue make them shine
That's it, now the other one
Oh good, you'll be rewarded if you keep pleasing me

Now, suck my heels
That's right, take the entire heel in your mouth and suck it clean
Mmm, you're getting the hang of it, and you're performing adequately

Don't flinch as I put my heel down your throat
Now take off those clothes of yours, and get back down on your knees
Mmm, you're shivering in excitement, maybe you'll get used to it
In the mean time, I'm putting these handcuffs on you

Yes, I don't want you to think that you have any control
There, that should be tight
Yes, I love to see you flinch in pain, oh yes
I'll sit down again, I'm unhooking my bra so my tits fall out
Oh I'll squeeze them hard, oh yes
Don't you want to rub your face between them? Mmm, that feels good

Yeah, I've spread my lips, and I want you to put your face right in there
Now get your tongue right over my clit, mmm, feel the place
Now make these little flicks up and down, that's it
Keep that rhythm going, yes, flick it, keep going, come on
Oh you're going to make me cum if you keep it up
Oh yes, yes I'm cumming, oh keep going, yes, ooooh god!

Ooh, you look incredible, and you haven't cum yet
Ooh, you have such self control
Now, I'm going to bend down over you
I'm pulling my panties down, just enough so you can see my little ass
Yes, mmm, that's it, this is your reward, ease it into my crack

Mmmm, you've been doing as you're told
I'm rubbing you all over my rim, ooh, that's the spot
Ooh, oh yes, that's it, oh yes, I can feel you cumming, ooh
Push, push, yes, ooh yes! Fuck me, fuck me, aaaah, aaaah! [3x]
Push, push, yes, ooh yes! Fuck me, fuck me, aaaah!
Oh I knew you couldn't control yourself, hah

You've enjoyed yourself too much, mmm
Just remember you are my love [9x]

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