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Lord Nord vs. BSE DJ Team @ Pasewalk

Early Terror

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Lord Nord vs BSE DJ Team live @ pasewalk

not sure about date...

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1. Nordcore GMBH - Hartcore Will Never Die
2. Lord Nord - Niatriot
3. ID (ID)
4. ID (ID)
5. ID (ID)
6. Lord Nord & DJ Sparky - Universe
7. ID (ID)
8. Ab Absurdum - Horrible Fear
9. ID (ID)
10. Nordcore GMBH - Power Of Darkness
11. Nordcore GMBH - Robocop
12. Nordcore GMBH - Pelle Ist Hakke
13. French Connection - French Connection
14. Laurent Hô - Mac 17000
15. ID (ID)
16. BSE DJ Team - Disease
17. Jack Lucifer - Endless Horrors
18. Jack Lucifer - 96 Knights (To The Death mix)
19. DJ Davyd - Fuck Paris!
20. Delta 9 - The Hate Tank
21. Nasenbluten - Kill More People

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