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Rioteer @ Traces of Rhythm Festival


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Traces of Rhythm is one of those events people still talk about years after. The event took place on the 15th of January 2005 at the 013 venue in Tilburg (Holland).
Traces of Rhythm was probably the first event that presented a variety of extreme breakbeats on such a large scale in Holland. Around 1350 people filled 3 rooms stuffed with the most advanced music of that time.

The Breakcore line up was organised in a collaboration with Crackbeats, the event organisation that would host dozens of parties in the years to come and start a record label of their own in 2006.

Artists like Venetian Snares, Speedy J, Bogdan Raczynski, Paradox, Rioteer & FFF filled the line up. No audio recordings were made besides the DJ Set of Rioteer. Pictures and even film clips made at the event are scarse. Shooting videos with a mobile phone was in its most primitive stage, so high quality videos of the event are not available. It’s one of those: “you had to be there moments”.

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