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Eric L vs. YellowSmiley @ Speedcore No Limit

Early Terror

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Eric L : This Is All The Crazy Ass Shit Too Fucking Fast For My Other Tapes!

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  Side Y:
  YellowSmiley - Welcome 2 SMFP (intro) a) A Fucken Rellik
  YellowSmiley - Welcome 2 SMFP (intro) b) Fuk Da House!
1. Syndicate - Keep It Hardcore
2. Nasenbluten - Klu Klux Cunts
3. Gangstar Toons Industry - (B2) Untitled [GTI 004]
4. Taciturne - Nightchildren (RMX)
5. Syndicate - Guerillas In The Mist
6. Brainkiller - Pure Energy
7. Taciturne - Mo Punk (RMX)
8. Brainkiller - Hotthar Huesthue
9. Taciturne - Evil Dead
10. The Noize Junkie - Forget Rotterdam
11. Temper Tantrum - With A Fury
12. Syndicate - Watch Me Bash This
13. Disintegrator - Lock On Target (TT Remix)
14. Bold Bob - Bold Bass II
15. The Controllers - In Control, In Effect
16. Syndicate ‎- Appetite For Destruction
17. Gangstar Toons Industry - (A1) Camel (Class-A Mix) [GTI 004]
18. Temper Tantrum - 3 Seconds
19. Taciturne - Der Toten
20. Rage Reset - Am Eye (2nd Version)
21. DJ Jordens vs Flamman & Abraxas - Sarin
22. Party Animals - Die Nazi Scum (Whiplash Mix)
  YellowSmiley - Piss In Yo O.J. (outro)
23. Rage Reset - Intro (2nd Version)
  Side E:
  Eric L - Intro
24. DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror III
25. Delta 9 - Watch Yer Back
26. DJ Tron - Live On Fear
27. DJ Dano & Liza N Eliaz - Pawlow
28. Hardcore Fiend - Comply
29. Delta 9 - Here We Go Again
30. The Bunko Squad - Watch'em All Drop
31. DJ Tron - Blow You Away
32. Industrial Terror Squad - Welcome To The Killing Fields
33. Nasenbluten - Cocksucker (Xylocaine Remix)
34. D.J. 8Mix - Children, Get Up (The Destroyer Remix)
35. The Destroyer - The Destroyer Is Back
36. The Destroyer - My Brain Is Sick (Panik Mix)
37. Out Of Key - Drill
38. DJ Tron - Smokin'
39. DJ Skinhead - Take It Outside

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Bedlam -
Contibutions for this tracklist came from myself & SandStorm so please give yourself some credit. As I've already said elewhere you can hear on the YellowSmiley Side he says the date is July 21st 1996.

On Discogs Eric L has two dates July 1996 and 01 May 1996? Two records from 1997 on here 15 & 7. I know on the download file here from Eric L it said 1997? So make your own mind up?

The one I've got as was pointed out to me by SandStorm is joined the other way round. He might be right in saying it is joined the wrong way round I'm not sure now. It's Eric L vs. YellowSmiley so you might think that the Eric L mix might come first? Sorry about that trivial information probably nobody interested!

It's a not bad mix whatever way you look at it which is more important than anything. For what it's worth personally I prefer the YellowSmiley side.
Sm0keythebandit -
It's backwards!
Of the 2.... yellowside sparks my curiosity (mainly due to the bloody fist affiliated artists on the yellowside) ... admittedly also because i was never that into DJ Tron his sounds back in the day.. but i'll give both a listen
SandStorm [Set Editor] -
It's A Dirty Job...

He explaines this is a rough entry so my guess is 01 may 1996 is a mistake. Never got to correcting and finishing this or just forgot about it...

This link is from his own site currently offline but the link still works:

And at only side A is ripped and uploaded so that's why i think Eric L starts with some sort of Industrial Strength Intro Effect.

No, thank you! I just didn't get around doing this one and forgot about it, nice to listen to some old and forgotten stuff i found in the last couple of years.
SandStorm [Set Editor] -
It's A Dirty Job...

"because i was never that into DJ Tron his sounds back in the day.."

Same here but these tracks are pretty interesting...
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