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Memetic @ Hunter On Hunter

Early Terror

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hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
"The finest 47 minutes of Bloody Fist's entire existence as a label occurred sometime in early 1997 on a forgotten week night, when a live set by Memetic (Ian Beckwith / Darren Blayden) was performed using two battered Amiga computers. This particular live set encapsulated perfectly the Bloody Fist sound and aesthetic of the time: hectic, rough, unpredictable, industrial, furious, crunchy, idiotic, surreal, defiant, smart-arsed and reckless. It happened at the legendary Hunter On Hunter Hotel in Newcastle, Australia and was recorded on a battered cassette, then released on Bloody Fist as FISTC-15, a split cassette with Fraughman later in 1997.

It has been ripped from the original deteriorating cassette and uploaded here for you and your poor neighbours."

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