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The Relic @ Dark Industry Podcast VIII "Analog System" (Part 2)

Industrial Hardcore   Intelligent Dance Music   Industrial

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This monthly podcast contains all styles that can be found in the alternative harder dance scene...Expect styles like: acid, industrial, idm, d&b, noise, industrial hardcore, techno, soundscapes, uk hardcore, crossbreeds, name it... All put together in two one hour mixes. No limits.......just pure music and experience...

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1. Kretslopp - Him (Brutal Noise Mix)
2. Zenith - Green Allucinated Mushroom
3. Merzbow - Koshinzuka
4. Drumcorps - Headstrong & Heartfoolish
5. Organic Cage - Feind Hoert Mit
6. Naag - IV
7. Rude Awakening - XYTTM (Never Surrender)
8. Zoas Eternal - Nefarious Blood
9. Mono No Aware - Cry of Mortals
10. Frame of Mind - Welcome to Madness
11. Synapscape - Alice
12. Void Settler - Tower
13. The Undercat - Lonely Little Seal
14. Dirk Geiger - Autumn Life (Strahlenzentrum Remix)
15. Aphex Twin - Matchsticks
16. Venetian Snares - Hours
17. N Project - Nexus
18. Moby - Stella Maris

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