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Nasenbluten @ Wobble Newcastle

Oldschool   Breakbeat   Early Hardcore

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This Nasenbluten performance was their second ever. The quality is very bad, but this only adds to the whole lo-fi feel of the music. The live set was recorded at a house party which took place in the centre of Newcastle. This particular house was lived in by University students in 1993, and the party which took place there on this particular night had between 400 and 500 people in attendance. There were punk bands performing upstairs, and DJs playing out the back.
Nasenbluten set their Amigas up and played from the laundry. The police were not impressed and neither were the local residents, who formed a committee in an attempt to get rid of the students from the house in the weeks following the party.
As for the set itself - it is mostly the old breakbeat hardcore sound which Nasenbluten were into at the time, but with a lot of unnecessary crap, dodgy ideas and ridiculous samples thrown in. This recording was released on cassette during August 1993, on the dEAd GirL label. (DG002).

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1. Nasenbluten - Nevernever Land
2. Nasenbluten - Hate Guts
3. Nasenbluten - Fuck You Up
4. Nasenbluten - Gigantic Slug
5. Nasenbluten - Bulbous
6. Nasenbluten - Sterile
7. Nasenbluten - Survive
8. Nasenbluten - God Loves You Honey
9. Nasenbluten - Rabid
10. Nasenbluten - Ah Remember This
11. Nasenbluten - Paul's Not Dead
12. Nasenbluten - Chemicals

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So not Eter. Oldschool Breaks with some Early Hardcore!
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