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ProjectDoom @ Rosk B-Day Bash Radio


Submitted by: Doom @

Filetype: 128 kbit MP3
Length: 00:57:21
Rated by: SchizeQ stiba Krisiek82


1.Shaving Ronald's Car - Footwear Catalogue Wank Session
2.Techdiff - Coronation Of A Kursed King
3.FFF - 20.000 Hardcore Members
4.Gromov - Why
5.Broken Note - Disjunkt
6.Infekkted - Digital Rage Orgy
7.Somtek - Hell Gate
8.Mochipet - Arpattack (Rotator Razor Shap Edit Mix)
9.Dev/Null - Rave 3
10.Duran Duran Duran - Purple Passion
11.Nebulist - Rabid Ravers
12.Cardopusher & Rotator - "Hard To Be A Girl" ????
13.Krumble - FAT & Dready
14.Cardopusher - Show Me Your Pussy Massive (Golden Pussy Remix By aaaaa)
15.Airborne Drum - Caterpillar
16.Zombie - DXM
17.Gromov - May Beauty Be All Around
18.Rotator - HXC Militia
19.Non Human - So Fuck You All
20.Noize Creator - Elusive Insanity
21.Mr Kill - Lewd Violence

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