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Cemtex @ The Harder View Podcast 22


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Cemtex (Franklin Depraz) is a Frenchcore producer based in France. Franklin has had tracks released through labels such as Tryptamine, Necrosociety and Neurotoxic. Cemtex’s next release will be through the Neurotoxic label and I look forward to listening to it because I think Cemtex makes a great style of Frenchcore, which along with some other artists is the template I try to emulate when making my own music. Cemtex has provided The Harder View with his first ever 45min live set that has been available online, which includes 3 unreleased tracks. So, I thank Franklin very much for giving THV the opportunity to host it.

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1. Cemtex - The Storm
2. Cemtex - Timeless
3. Cemtex - Raw power
4. Cemtex - The End
5. Cemtex - Pow!
6. Cemtex - Hardcore Junkie
7. Cemtex - Freak On A Leash
8. Cemtex - Attack

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