Carnage & Cluster @ Signal Flow Podcast 22

Industrial Hardcore   Schranz

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The 22nd Episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Carnage & Cluster!

We're still kicking off 2011 with some more cool mixes, and this time around we have dutch duo Carnage & Cluster! They've been releasing some very cool tunes recently on their new label! So far they've released tracks from artists like The Relic, Mental Wreckage, Moleculez, DJ Freak, and themselves! I hope you enjoy this mix of some pounding industrial tracks!

Here's a little more about Carnage & Cluster:

Carnage & Cluster started dj-ing in 1999. Influenced by the Promo File series they started to discover down the more industrial / hardtechno side of hardcore. They have played at gigs all throughout Europe including Nature One, Heroes Of Hardcore, Hardcore Gladiators, Ground Zero, Industrial Shock and many more. From 2004 to 2006 Carnage managed Underground Society, which was changed to USR in 2007.

In 2005 Carnage compiled the Thunderdome CD of that year and the boys released their first tracks they produced together on vinyl. On USR Carnage & Cluster first discovered their "noisj" sound, which they continued on labels like the German Important Corestyle and the Israelian Dark Like Hell.

In 2010 they started their brand new fully digital label

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1. Vice - Proud Mary
2. The Enticer - The Enmity
3. Carnage & Cluster - Games For May
4. The Relic - Room 23
5. Drokz - Violence
6. Broken Rules - Floor Plans
7. Audio Revolt - Hide (Moleculez & Audio Revolt Remix)
8. Dep Affect - Walrus Worm
9. Life::::Runs::::Red - Veleno
10. Dep Affect - Swallow The Sun
11. Carnage & Cluster - Non-Believer
12. Razor Edge - Pure Evil
13. Peaky Pounder - Viisi
14. Waldhaus - Abolish Authorities
15. Forsaken Is Dead - Mood Music Revisited
16. Waldhaus - Scene Darwinism
17. Moleculez & Mental Wreckage - Crushed by Noise (Part 1)
18. Sandy Warez - Evolution
19. Carnage & Cluster - We Are The Elite
20. Laserkraft 3D - Nein Mann

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lekker hoor sfp gaat schranzen  :hungry:
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20. Laserkraft 3D - Nein Mann

Wat 'n humor...

Waar is de downloadlink?
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Wat 'n humor...

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It's no problem for me
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Carnage & Cluster - We Are The Elite  :bomb:  :bomb:  :yay:  :yay:
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20. Laserkraft 3D - Nein Mann

Pleur op zeg.
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toch een leuk nummer  :p

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12. Razor Edge - Pure Evil  :worship:
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MuzoHolik - MH
 :thumbsup2:  :beer:
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Thank you all  :L
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now i dig more noisj & their own production concepts  ^.^
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01. Vice - Proud Mary  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:  :L wat een fantastiche intro love it  :yay:  :yay:  :yay: great set,i love noisj records and the sublabels of it  :thumbsup2: