Shoutbox: [20-09] pointlesspoint: @ThaClown: At the moment i can ID 1 track: DJ Mutante - Mutante Is The Shit (2005). So i suppose it's a handful of that stuff. I am a bit familiair with the French style before 2000, most likely there's nothing in this mix, must be of the later period... .

The Hardstyle Top 40 @ Fear FM January 2011


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01.Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers - Robot's Dream
02.S-Factor ft. Seraina - Play
03.Coone - Starf*ckers
04.Brooklyn Bounce - Club Bizarre (Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers Rmx)
05.In-Phase - Mysteries Of Life
06.Psyko Punkz vs Coone - Dirty Soundz (Ra-Ta-Ta)
07.Scope DJ - Wave Pattern
08.Ran-D - Feel My Fire|
09.Alphaverb - Rockin' Da Rework (Extended Mix)
10.Donkey Rollers - Immortal
11.Davide Sonar - Spiritual Fire
12.Dutch Master - 5 AM
13.In-Phase - Afterlife
14.The Machine - Times Like These
15.Zatox & Tatanka - Kickin 'Ass
16.Second Identity - Atlantis
17.Donkey Rollers - Chaos
18.Psyko Punkz vs Sound Freakerz - Voices
19.In-Phase - Hear The Quiet
20.Davide Sonar - My World
21.Scope DJ - Omniverse
22.Da Tweekaz - Ducktool
23.Donkey Rollers - 2012
24.Alphaverb - The Otherside (Extended Album Mix)
25.Zatox & Tatanka - Loops & Things
26.The Machine - State Of Your Mind
27.The Beholder & Digital Punk - A Dark Tomorrow
28.Krusaders - Barricade
29.The Vision - Lost In Ways
30.The Pitcher - Burn It
31.Zatox - A New Dimension
32.DJ Thera - No More Misunderstanding (The Machine Remix)
33.The Beholder & Digital Punk - Machine Master
34.Da Tweekaz - Examination Of Time
35.Kodex -Univsere (Original Mix)
36.Showtek - Breakbeat Junkie
37.The Pitcher - Mad Killer
38.The DizZorder ft R-Tillary - Illusions (Catatonic Overload Remix)
39.Krusaders - Calm Down
40.DJ Thera - Underground (Alphaverb Remix)