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Mr. Untitled @ Hardtrance Mission vol.3

Oldschool   Acid   Hardtrance

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Length: 02:02:09

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Oldschool Acid Hardtrance with some techno.

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1.Push - Universal Nation (Original Mix)
2.Yves Deruyter - Outsiders
3.Mass In Orbit - Overdrive (Hubble Mix)
4.Techno Junkies - Mindvox (Speed Punch Mix)
5.BWP Experiments - Triad
6.Wax Trax II - Meditation, Spiritualism & Love
7.Misjah & Groovehead - Acid Energy
8.Rubicon Massacre LTD - The Lash v 1.1
9.Off Beats - Vibrations (X-Ite Remix)
10.Cherrymoon - House Of House
11.Exithone - Spin
12.Cores - Matabu Part 1
13.DJ Ablaze - Based On Acid
14.Jones & Stephenson - The Fourth Rebirth (Part 1)
15.Track-Star - Rave-O-Matic
16.Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth (Original Mix)
17.Signum - The Other Side
18.Nostrum - Brilliant (Hard Trance Mix)
19.Timo Maas & Gary D. - Die Herdplatte 100
20.Signum - Flow Of Knowledge
21.The Dentist - Destiny (Arena Of The God Mix)
22.Slam & Helix - Sikkakiks
23.D-Fence & Confusion - The Voice
24.Intarsia - Beats Of Hell
25.Misjah & Groovehead - Trippin' Out
26.Olymp-X - Hypnotizing
27.AG Systems - Deeper Unda Ground
28.DJ Franky Jones - Trancid Overdose
29.Quick Reverse - God's Reason
30.Eric Sneo - Forces Of Nature (Lords Of Octagon Remix)
31.Westbam - Celebration Generation (Westbam Remix)
32.Helix - Insane Asylum
33.Square Wave - Like A Criminal
34.Helix - Now Control

SchizeQ -
OldschoolRaver -
Only nice Old tracks
what a fucking great dream
have it listen and its was superb  :yay:  :yay:
Doom -
Thanks  :) was wonder if it will be good for listeners
MattiX -
Wow fkn great track choices and i love the tempo

Cherrymoon - House Of House  :worship:
Edited by MattiX on 09-01-2011 11:32
MattiX -
if any1 knows other sets such as this plz lemme know  :thumbsup:
Robintjuh -
I only know 2 tracks  :L
Edited by Robintjuh on 09-01-2011 16:37
Xerxes -
Everybody's favourite Belgian
Dit zijn nog eens classics  :L
Xerxes -
Everybody's favourite Belgian
alleen ligt de pitch een paar BPM te hoog naar mijn normen  :x
ernestoow -
awesome tracklist but i think you should decrease the BPM next time...
ColinHQ -
Do you like owls?
This is excellent  :thumbsup2:
ColinHQ -
Do you like owls?
On 09-01-2011 11:35:48, MattiX wrote:

if any1 knows other sets such as this plz lemme know  :thumbsup:

I'll upload the first one as well
Mrunterwijst -
Wauw nice (hard)trance/oldschool  :w00t:
Edited by Mrunterwijst on 10-01-2011 19:24
Doom -
Thanks for all comments  :)
Nilles -