Shoutbox: [14-05] Needlemouth: Hi guys, anyone know cassette mixes named Darkraver tales?

DJ Thera @ Theracords Radio Show 106


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1. Tom Brown - Not A Virus (DJ Thera Remix)
2. The Beholder & Digital Punk - Machine Master
3. Geck-o - Jumpeng
4. DJ Thera - Doggystyle
5. JDX - Kick It In Ur Face
6. DJ Thera vs. Geck-O - Ding Dong
7. The Machine - Sound of the Machine
8. B-Front - Sleepwalker
9. DHHD - Funky Shit (Degos & Re-Done Skuimbek Mix)
10. Donkey Rollers - Atrocity
11. DJ Thera - Traffic Jam
12. Degos & Re-Done - Warrior
13. Crypsis - Nackt
14. Zany & The Beholder - Who Wants This
15. The Machine - Loudness (DJ tool)
16. DJ Thera - Clash! (Chain Reaction Remix)
17. Wavolizer Meets Creators Project - Another Blackout
18. Alphaverb - Stimulate Your Curiosity

NoizeattaX -
Keep it Hard!!!
Great Set Thera  :thumbsup2: i feel like i need to go  :yay: