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1. DJ Thera - Injecting Bass (Original Mix)
2. D-Mind vs Wavolizer - Identify (DJ Thera Remix)
3. Dimavi - Vertigo (DJ Thera Remix)
4. DJ Thera - The Test 1.0
5. Two Hawks - The Chase (Thera vs Matt Mix)
6. Matt Restless - Wake Up Call (DJ Thera Remix)
7. Stana - Scum (DJ Thera Dark Remix)
8. Sybase - Who Is Watching (Two Hawks Remix)

NeRk -
ÑaM ÑaM!
no download links yet???  >.<  >.< i want dl this  :yay:
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Sorry, forgot  :p
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ÑaM ÑaM!
On 09-11-2008 22:42:33, m4a1 wrote:

Sorry, forgot  :p

jajaja, no problem mate, thx for link  :thumbsup:
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ziet er vet uit, ben benieuwd naar al die remixen
Rongkongkong !
fack @ rapid -> zippyshare ftw
upload @ zippy ?