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Pattern J @ The Harder View Podcast 03


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I’m honoured and more than happy to bring our readers here at The Harder View our 3rd podcast with one of the biggest and most respected names in the Frenchcore scene, Pattern J. If you have read our interview with Pattern J (Pierre-Jean Coquet) you will be familair with what he is all about and this one hour live mix is a perfect and great example of the Pattern J sound. In my opinion he makes some seriously cool music with his own signature style. Pierre began making music in 2002 and his first tracks were released in 2006. They say practice makes perfect, and in those 4 years you can pretty much say Pattern J perfected the Frenchcore sound.
I want to send out a massive thanks to Pattern J and if you are a fan of Pattern J or the Frenchcore genre, download this mix and turn up the volume. I bet your feet start tapping!!!

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01. Pattern J - Taste of Destruction
02. Pattern J - Vital Hate
03. Pattern J - Chromozone
04. Pattern J - Radio Monster
05. Pattern J - Hysterik Drums
06. Pattern J - Oh My God
07. Pattern J - Infinity
08. Pattern J - Twist With My Grandma
09. Tripped - Fuckstreet (Pattern J Remix)
10. Mutante - Cerveau (Pattern J Remix)

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Set rockz!  :yay:
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Nekrolog1k -> My Religion !
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Set rockz!  :yay:

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his typical sound,loving it,he have smth else in between those beats & breaks,his style is recogniseable and unconfuseable  ^.^