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D-Passion @ The Third Movement Podcast 001 (10 Years Of Music Mix)


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It was a hell of job sorting out a decade of true dedication, but D-Passion pulled it off! Resulting in more than two hours with some of the finest tunes ever released on The Third Movement and its sublabels. Those who wonder what the near future will bring are also in for a treat.

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  Part 1
1. Promo - My Underground Madness
2. Korsakoff - Separated World
3. Promo - My Claim To Fame
4. D-Passion - What's Going On?
5. Promo - Life From The Other Side
6. T-Junction & Osiris ft. MC Syco - What's Up With Life
7. Promo & Catscan - Toch Welleuk
8. Catscan - My Region
9. Slavefriese - Dorm of the Future (D-Passion Remix)
10. Promo - Brother Of Conflict
11. D-Passion - Put Things Right
12. The Wishmaster & Promo - Silence Surrounds Me
13. Catscan - The World Is Mine
14. Alex B & Promo - Bij Gebrek Aan Beter
15. D-Passion - Fuck the Free World
16. Promo & Lenny Dee - I Called You
17. D-Passion - Searching For Tomorrow
18. G-Shock - Demons (Promo Remix)
19. D-Passion - Change History
20. Promo - Running Against the Rules
  Part 2
21. Dr. Macabre - Boomstick
22. Catscan - Enemy On The Run
23. Peaky Pounder - Fasttalking
24. D-Passion - Blacklist Amok
25. Void Settler - Gnomes Tinker With Time (Hellfish Remix)
26. Peaky Pounder - Hermosto
27. Rude Awakening - Revolting Against
28. Hectic Fence - Blackmailing (D-Passion Remix)
29. Armageddon Project - Floatin' In Acheron
30. Promo - Rude Awakening
31. Catscan - Finishing Profiles
32. The DJ Producer - The Signal 2007 (D-Passion Remix)
33. Promo - Hurricane brain
34. ID (ID)
35. D-Passion - Power of Fear
36. Catscan - Capture In Distress
37. Promo - Always Futile
38. D-Passion - Realism
39. Promo - Different Breed Of Men
40. D-Passion - Unstoppable
41. Promo & The Wishmaster - Real Rude
42. D-Passion - Infection
43. Promo - The Tablet
44. DJ Promo - Phreak Ya Speaka

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