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Mark EG @ Paradog Festival Slovakia

Techno   Hardtechno   Schranz

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forde1690 -
Everything starts with an E
Is there an MC in this befor i DL
lawless29 -
Riding along, singin a song.....
this is techno
Edited by lawless29 on 04-11-2010 21:42
OldschoolRaver -
Hardtrance and Techno  :p  :yes:
but its Mark EG Style
very Nice  ;) and no MC
 :worship:  :worship:
Edited by OldschoolRaver on 05-11-2010 00:32
forde1690 -
Everything starts with an E
Nope just techno and hard techno there is no Hardtrance in there  :p
OldschoolRaver -
yes after full listening
100%agrreee  :beer:  :yes:
awesome set  :yes:  :yes:
Can someone change genre
Somewhere deep in Asia
YESSS...Good sets came out this week
eviljoern -
omg, that crazy uk-hardcore dude is now in schranz and hardtechno  :w00t:
i have to give me that ^^
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
new link added