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The DJ Producer @ Hardsound Radio

Industrial Hardcore   Crossbreed

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Filetype: 128 kbit MP3
Length: 01:01:12

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The DJ Producer @ HSR Radio 21-01-2010

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1. Defazed - Afterlife
2. Mindustries - Facerocker (Immobilizer VIP)
3. Ophidian & Tapage - The mine
4. Sarin Assault & Fiend - Devil On Earth (Producer's Post Production Edit)
5. Promo & The DJ Producer - Mark Of High Reknown
6. Limewax - One of Them (Current Value Remix)
7. Akira - Planet 174
8. DJ Hidden - Empty Streets Revisited
9. Igor - Its So Empty (Noize Creator Remix)
10. Man Machine - Step Into Time (The DJ Producer Retrofit)
11. The DJ Producer - Subculture Roughneck
12. Stormtrooper - Caliburn
13. The DJ Producer - Problematic Frequency
14. Detest - Ex-It (Bryan Fury Remix)
15. The DJ Producer & Hellfish - Theme From Fuck Daddy (Producer's Fucked Up Remix)
16. TRIPPED - Meet My Bitch
17. Hardcoholics - Does Not Compute
18. The DJ Producer - Positive Outlook
19. Detest - Exploding Reloading
20. Akira - Fastandakurrad (Producer Remix)
21. The DJ Producer - The Pain Threshold

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Vioda -
 :worship:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:
em-dee-em-aa -
DJ Producer  :thumbsup2:
Hard en fijn  (L)
EdwinH4L -
Hijs weer fijn
jimbo1987 -
18. The DJ Producer - Positive Outlook  :L
Sm0keythebandit -
It's backwards!
Man machine - step into time (DJ Producers retrofit)

oh my god  :D i demand a release date:yay:
DJ_The_Supervisor -
On 11-10-2010 14:42:20, Sm0keythebandit wrote:

Man machine - step into time (DJ Producers retrofit)

oh my god  :D i demand a release date:yay:

Totally agree!! Producer bringing back the true UK sound / flow / drive here!!
Edited by DJ_The_Supervisor on 14-10-2010 17:01
Zieloneq -
Panzerschreck Ur Ass!
added zippy link  ;)