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DJ BassK @ LSDB Tournament Knockout round 3


Submitted by: TimTim @

Length: 00:55:02
Rated by: TimTim Pithune Nastee loser SuciF3R Legolas djcalyone steviedoyle Tanic Piet-R76 Simfonik [deleted user]


01. Wonderfull X-Mas Intro
02. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Ride With Uz (Max Enforcers destroying the X-mas Mood Intro Mix) xD
03. JDX - Wan Taim
04. Frontliner - Warphole (Exclusive Piano Edit)
05. Brennan Heart - Remember Tiesto
06. Brennan Heart - Audiometric (Album Shit)
07. Headhunterz - The Sacrifice (Brennan Heart Remix Edit)
08. Headhunterz - The FEar Of Darkness (Break Edit)
09. Alphaverb - The Otherside (DJ BassK's Dub Mix)
10. DJ BassK's Ultimative Shreek, Our Power, Pwoap & Biological Insanity Mashup
11. Psyko Punkz - Raise Your Hands Up (DJ BassK's Madhouse Break Edit)
12. D-Block & S-Te-Fan vs. Coone - Crank
13. Headhunterz vs. Wildstylez meets Noisecontrollers - Tonight (Break Edit)
14. Brennan Heart - Memento (DJ BassK's Endless Symphony Break Edit)
15. HOHOHO Merry X-Mas & A Happy New Year!

Theekop -
Woef woef Pluto
03. JDX - Wan Taim

hows that possible?
Pithune -
Mass Vibrant
i strongly dislike the tracklist
Setenza -
On 14-02-2010 23:23:14, Pithune wrote:

i strongly dislike the tracklist

voor een keer ben ik het met je eens
Setenza -
Very weird tracklist  :o
TimTim [Moderator] -
Feeeeeddddd Meeeee
agreed, tracklist wasn't my thing. mixing wasn't that great also, although i did like the intro & outro:)
build up was not good also

Thanks for participating!:)  :beer:
Nastee -
03. JDX - Wan Taim

 :')  :')  :')
steviedoyle [Set Editor] -
Life begins at 140
DJ_Basskoenig -
years ago i got an instrumental mix of wan taim... I'd cutted it and made it full... so it is possible  :D
DJ_Basskoenig -
Now, after more than a year, I wonder how I got that far  xDD
Damn... Its bad!
djtwenty4seven -
link dead!