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Cruszer Show @ 28-10-2007


Submitted by: kwaibegai @

Filetype: 128 kbit MP3
Length: 02:50:00

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153 MB 2 PARTS !!

Rated by: Opperhoofd kwaibegai Creator cruszer


01.Slavefriese - Greed Is Good
02.darkcontroller-concious world (negative a remix)
03.enoid-never scared
04.phobos-torture chamber
05.negative a-music to die
06.slavefriese-plutonium crackers
07.Darkcontroller-Controlled by Darkness
08.xfade-generation bass vs. zion-the fuck outha her
10.squabbler dj-better dj
11.alex bunkerfreak-in da place chaoz-let the beat control ya body mad dog-akick that shit
14.Art of FightersRevenge
15.tommyknocker - twist of fightersshotgun (aof reloaded)
17.the stunned guys and dj mad dog
18.Art of Fighters - System Reload
19.the stunned guys and tommyknocker-your choice
20.DJ Delirium vs. DJ Mad Dog - 357 bitches
21.Core Pusher - Core pusher in action
22.the stunned guys and dj paul-thrillseeka (dj mad dog remix)
23.Core Pusher - I like u stoopid
24.Art of Fighters Game Don't Stop.wma
25.Gabber Mafia Gabber Is Not Fashion
26.Art of Fighters Mistake.wma
27.Gabber Mafia Wildstyle
28.The Viper & Tommyknocker Feat. MC Mouth Of Madness The Prophecy Unfolds
29.Tommyknocker Revolution
30.Nico E Tetta Hardcore Motherfucker
31.Tommyknocker Revolution
32.The Stunned Guys Meet DJ LancinhouseDrum 'n Bass
33.Art Of Fighters vs. Nico E Tetta I Became Hardcore
34.DJ Mad Dog Boom And Shake Up
35.Art Of Fighters vs. Nico E Tetta Pump Motherfuckers shaoz-oh-the flow
37.amnesys-thats true thats right
38.hamunaptra-knowledge of death
39.carnage-listen and learn
40.nagoyah-beyond my sound
41.impulze connection-new breed
42.scythe-never wake
43.nagoyah-fingers in the air
44.ruffneck and ophidian-all the way down
46.emphasis-bust your ass
47.amnesys-mainstream nitro
48.angel of darkness-evil inside
49.micky joint and flower k-keepa (ng in da core mix)
50.nosferatu and endymion-victorious
51.Nosferatu & Ophidian - Psychiatric Ass
52.the outside agency-pure darkness
53.tieum and hellfish-shit sick
54.necrid-eternal hunger
56.friends of jappo-unexist will eat your steak
57.triax-day of rage
58.nagoyah vs. saphira-out of control
59.carnage - caged fury (part ) kristof and triax-our war
61.project omega-morphine attack mantes ways to die