Shoutbox: [30-11] ThaClown: meh, listened some stuff on SC. Southfrap Alliance has some nice early-sounding tracks, there's definately some good stuff there. La Zone is not really my thing, much of the same

Binum @ Bass Mission 27


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Filetype: 192 kbit MP3
Length: 01:00:00
Rated by: Dakpan greg4850 Hardstyleguru A-BASS Tanic HS-HC-4life
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1.A_Lusion – Too Close
2.Headhunterz – The Sacrifice (Brennan Heart Rmx)
3.Wildstylez Ft D-Block & S-te-Fan – The Human Soul
4.Activator – One I Love
5.Brennan Heart – City Of Intensity (Decibel Anthem 2009)
6.Coone vs DBSTF – Crank
7.Noisecontrollers – Confucius
8.Dutch Master – Fly Like A Rocket
9.Abyss & Judge – International Fame
10.Showtek – Laa Di Fuckking Daa
11.TNT aka Technoboy – Double Dutch darkies
12.DJ Ezteq – Fuck You Up

Pithune -
Mass Vibrant
Binum  :X
Jimbo -
Wa lult dezeeee  :o
Jipdenk -
11.TNT aka Technoboy
ja jij wel ja  :doh:

11.TNT aka Technoboy

Technoboy & Tuneboy FFS rofl
HS-HC-4life -
i love LSDB
i liked it very much,good work  :thumbsup: