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Louk vs. Wragg & Log:One @ Q-Base 2009


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Here is our set from the Fausto Crossover arena at Q-Dance's wicked Q-Base event in Weeze Airport - It was broadcast last night on Fausto's Crossover Radio Show.

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1. Louk & Busho - 15 Volts
2. Nish - Dying For You (Wragg + Log One Mix)
3. Neal Thomas - Pyrotechno (Wragg + Log One Mix)
4. Iain Cross - Sexy Beast
5. Fausto vs Tommy Pulse - Melancholika (Wragg + Log One Mix)
6. Wragg & Log:One - Act Like
7. Adam Meadowz - Black Magic
8. Nomad - Ignited
9. Unknown - Omen 001
10. Schwarze Puppen - Schwarze Puppen (Russenmafia Mix)
11. Wragg & Log one - Creatures
12. Andrea Montorsi - Rhythm Of House
13. Crypsis ft. Kold Konnexion - Sonic sabotage

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