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Bruno Power vs. Tatanka vs. Super Marco May @ Shock!

Early Hardstyle

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Hey, who know what is the track in 6 min. and next track, Eins Zwei Polizei - Italian Hardstyle version  :L

Listen this set!  :p
Pithune -
Mass Vibrant
maybe Aikon - Polizei

(alias of Schwarzende)
It's not that  xD
wafster -
Awesome set
wafster -
I have a clip of the track that SBD is on about here...i too have been looking all over the place for it and have only ever heard it on here.If anyone has any idea then give us a shout because its pestering me
Audioholik -
Listened to it and I haven't got a clue. And my early hardstyle knowledge is quite extensive. Maybe try and reach out to the man himself?

Pretty banging track indeed!
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Audioholik -
BTW could somebody please kill all the f-ing Italian MC's?!
wafster -
I’ve sent messages to tatanka but they havent even bin read. I presume its his lroduction as its his name that gets shouted out on the track.
...and yeah,that mc needs to have a day off seriously